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1. The light source is made of high quality LED with high brightness, low power consumption and high CRI.
2. It is easily assembled with two pieces of LED boards, without dead corner and even light fill.
3. Multi-angle Shooting:The front window supports a horizontal shooting and the open window on the top supports a 90 degrees vertical shooting. Allow you to take great pictures in white background with different devices: iPhone, smart phones, cameras or professional cameras.
4. High quality lights: Perfect daylight temperature for professional images offer the appropriate amount of light for producing bright and vibrant photos.
5. Easy to carry: This photo studio is designed to be both lightweight and sturdy while, equiped with a carrying bag, easy to carry.


Package Listing

1* Carry bag
1* Photo box body
2* LED boards
12* Connecting Tube
8* Three-way connector
1* Power plug
1* Power cable
1* Separate dimmer


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