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Mijia sweeping robot G1
Can sweep and drag, the whole house is clean

16 core features,Solve cleaning problems in one step

2200Pa big suction | Electronically controlled water tank | Smart route planning | Sweep and drag
Mijia Smart Linkage | Xiaoai Voice Control | Suspended suction | Suspended mop
3 filters | App remote control | Slim body | 3 Water retention
4-stop suction | Infrared collision deceleration | Continue to break | Live map display


2200Pa storm-like suction - Efficient cleaning into the gap The key to sweeping is the surging suction. The Japanese NIDEC motor provides a large suction power of 2200Pa, which can quickly absorb the dust on the ground, and the gap can be cleaned cleanly.


4-stop suction switch - Meet various cleaning needs 4 different suction powers are set for different rooms and different dirt. It can be easily handled from steel balls to soybeans to ashes and hair. Quiet block Can clean dust and hair Clean quietly and lastingly Standard file Can clean dirt such as confetti and seeds Meet daily cleaning Neutral block Can clean soy bean-sized dirt Suitable for strong cleaning Strong block Can clean the size of steel balls Suitable for deep cleaning


Electronically controlled water tank, 3 water output adjustment - Take care of the floor tiles in your home Equipped with 200ml electronically controlled water tank *, with three gear adjustments, it can effectively control the even water outflow and prevent the floor tiles from being damaged.


Suspended suction mouth, mop + super dense main brush- Respond to all kinds of ground and collect dust efficiently The large-diameter suspended suction port can easily cope with all kinds of ground, closely fit, and with the ultra-dense fiber main brush, the dust collection force is stronger and the suction is more thorough.


3 filter system - Effectively filter 3 micron dust The whole machine adopts triple fine filtration system, which can filter dust and dirt of 3 micron level to avoid secondary pollution. First layer: nylon mesh filter Effectively filter large particles of dirt Second layer: filter cotton filter Block the dust again, effectively increase the life of Hypa Third layer: Hypa filtering Effectively filter 3 micron dirt


82mm slim body - Flexible shuttle at home The thickness of the fuselage is only 82mm * It is not a matter of probing into the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa and the bottom of the S table and chairs, and the freedom of walking makes the cleaning coverage higher.


Smart route planning - Step by step, sweep and clean Intelligent navigation and precise positioning. Build a map of the whole house in real time, plan a clean route, and realize no sweeping, no sweeping, and no sweeping, and the corners and corners of the room can be cleaned.